Manage Companies

When you need to manage, add, or edit a Company within the Causeway Admin Panel, click on the Companies tab (Note: This tab may also be named 'Organizations' or 'Groups' depending on your specific site settings). 

Companies Tab

To add a new Company record, click on the Add Company link on the left-side of the page. On the Add Company form, fill out relevant details such as Company Type, Name, and Address. If necessary, you can set various contact types such as Primary or Alternate company contacts. Also on the Add Company form, you'll enter in any approved email domain that users from this company might use to register for an account. 

Also from the Companies tab, you can view and add new Company Types. Creating Company Types is a way to organize your companies by access level, and may correspond to your membership types (such as Adopter, Contributor, Founder, etc). Click on the Add Company Type link on the left-side of the Companies tab to add a new company type, setting which workgroups the company type is allowed to join and whether or not users from that company are able to vote in official ballots.