Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Causeway cost?

Causeway's pricing is based on usage tiers (for example 1-50 users, 51-100 users, and so on) that is customized to fit your needs.  We love groups of all sizes, so please contact us today for pricing. We also offer discounts for associations with corporate based memberships. Send us an email or give us a call to get specific information on pricing for your organization.

For whom, or what types of groups, is Causeway best suited?

Causeway was originally developed for trade associations, standard-setting bodies, and member-based associations. Any organization, large or small, can use Causeway. Although our customer base is primarily member-based organizations/associations, Causeway can also be used by companies looking for an internal collaborative platform for employees to store and share information. Causeway also serves as a Board-portal collaboration tool for University Boards, Councils, or other groups.Causeway is a great fit for any group, team, or committee that needs an effective communication tool. 

I have an existing website, association management software, and other services. How does Causeway work with my current site?

The Causeway team at Omnia Digital Solutions will work with you directly to ensure Causeway can be easily accessed from your current public website. For associations, your members' "Log In" link can send users directly to Causeway. Also, Causeway offers an API that allows for log on credentials to be shared with other login services you may have. For those associations using a 3rd party association management software system (AMS), we'd be more than happy to integrate Causeway to that system as much as possible. 

I currently use another collaboration portal. Can my data be migrated into Causeway?

Yes.  The Causeway team at Omnia Digital Solutions can work with your previous collaboration tool provider to import data into Causeway.  Our team has experience importing data from a number of other collaboration systems and even mailing list manager software.

I work with a small organization. Will Causeway work for me?

Yes. Causeway works for all organizations, large or small.

I work with a large organization with thousands of users. Will Causeway work for me?

Yes. Causeway works for all organizations, large or small. Causeway's built-in mailing list manager has been tested with mailing lists of up to 100,000 recipients.  You can rest assured your collaboration tool needs will be met.

Does Omnia Digital Solutions provide any other website related services (such as site design, hosting, etc)?

Yes. Omnia Digital Solutions offers other website services such as website hosting, email reflector hosting, and domain management. We can also manage your website design/redesign process.  We pair with trusted graphic designers to provide you with the best website design possible.  Visit the VTM Group website to learn more about Omnia Digital Solutions and VTM Group's other services offerings.